Friday, February 16, 2007

Update: Dr. Gao will travel

Earlier today, Chinese officials finally granted AIDS activist Dr. Gao Yaojie permission to travel to the United States next month to accept her award from Vital Voices, reported the AP/New York Times (

For the last week, Dr. Gao has been confined to her home in the Henan Province by Chinese officials pressuring her not to travel to the US. The 80-year-old doctor has been instrumental in exposing the harsh realities behind China's AIDS epidemic, which the Chinese government would rather leave hidden. After heavy pressure from international groups during Dr. Gao's detention, the Chinese government reportedly told the US embassy: "We will abide by her decision to come."

Read more about the Chinese government's efforts to cover up the detention itself:
"China Covers Up Detention of AIDS Doctor", February 16th,

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