Friday, February 16, 2007

Women, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights Skills Building Workshop held in Toronto August 14-17, 2006.


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Table of Contents
1) Overview Articles

2) Sex, Gender & Social Context in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic
(a) Stigma, Discrimination, and Violence
(b) Gender, Sexuality, and HIV/AIDS
(c )Criminality and HIV/AIDS
(d) Sex Trade Work
(e) Women's Property and Inheritance Rights
(f) Orphan & Vulnerable Children in Changing Family Structures
(g) Neglected Population: Indigenous & Aboriginal Women

3) Challenges in Access to Prevention Treatment and Care
(a) Women and HIV Testing
(b) Sexual Violence
(c) Access to Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
(d) Access to Microbicides & Other Female-Controlled Prevention
(e) Access to Reproductive Health Services, including Abortion
(f) Neglected Population: Adolescent Girls
(g) Evidence-Based Practices and Policies
(h) Community and Family Based Care
(i) Gender Dimensions of Health Rationing

4) Accountability, Advocacy & Documentation

CASE STUDY:Treatment Action Campaign v. The Minister of HealthA case decided in 2002 by the Constitutional Court of South Africa whichfound that pregnant HIV-positive women had the constitutional right tomedication to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.
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CURRICULUM of our Spanish workshop held August 17,“Mujeres, VIH-SIDA y derechos humanos: explorando las intersecciones”,see the RED ALAS website: on: “Publicaciones”then click on: "CapacitaciĆ³n”

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Anonymous said... I hope they will be discussing issues like this one - where women are being tortured as witches, for supposedly causeing young people to die of AIDS. Wish I could be there - Kate from the womens health desk at